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Jordan Peele In Talks To Direct Live Action Remake Of Anime Classic 'Akira'

The 1988 cyberpunk anime classic Akira has long begged for a quality live-action remake.

Now, the internet is abuzz with the news that Warner Brothers is zeroing in on a director they think could do it justice: Jordan Peele.

Akira, set in the year 2019, takes place in a futuristic-dystopian version of Tokyo called Neo-Tokyo in the aftermath of World War 3.

The story follows the main character Tetsuo Shima – a teenage biker – and his leader-turned-foe Shotaro Kaneda. When Kaneda discovers Tetsuo’s superpowers and his plans to free the imprisoned psychic Akira, he turns on his friend and joins forces with the antagonistic terrorist Kei and Colonel Shikishima to ensure Akira remains locked up.

Critics and cult followers alike consider Akira one of the pinnacle examples of animated science fiction. Its vibrant animation style set the standard for the countless anime films to come in its wake.

Its animator Makiko Futaki just passed away in 2016, so finally getting an Akira reboot off the ground would be a fitting tribute.

Coming off his directorial debut, and surprise blockbuster smash-hit Get Out, Jordan Peele is reportedly in “aggressive” talks with Warner Brothers to head up a planned live-action Akira.

After struggling for years to get a live action Akira into production (the most recent effort fell through in 2014), Warner Brother’s talks with Peele “…have apparently been encouraging,” according to Tracking Board.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Appian Way production company is said to already be on board with the project. So securing Peele’s directorial involvement would be a huge win for a project that has spluttered for years.

Rejoice, anime fans, the live action Akira you’ve waited for so patiently may finally be on the right track.

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